Seattle Museum of Flight


This place has been in my backyard since moving here, but it took over a year of being lazy (really, the coaxing of some visiting friends) to finally check the place out.  

There were lots of interesting objects on display, but I found myself obsessing over the gears, dials, and other mechanical doodads1.  Some of this tech is barely fifty years old, yet they felt like relics from another time.  This is especially so when you consider how these machined components once formed a sort of symbiosis with its operator–producing a tactile, 1:1 response with a pilot’s slight of hand.  Compare that to today’s situation, where the link between man and machine is an obsfucation of perception, gloss and lag that we call software.

Anyway, I don’t think I was able to communicate this point with the photos I took that day (as always, hindsight is 20/20); so I should probably return and give it another go.

Btw, shooting full frame with a fast prime sure is fun!



(more hires images @ flickr)


1 I just wish they didn’t coat all their items with some sort of protective lacquer as it gave everything an ugly uniform shine.