West Seattle, Schmitz Park


Next neighborhood on the list1 is West Seattle, a place I wouldn’t mind calling home thanks to its numerous watering holes and Alki Beach.  Shooting fixed is slowly making sense: I’m beginning to visualize what 35 “looks like” and am surprised at how close I’m getting when I confirm via the viewfinder.   Still, that’s only one part of the equation and shooting street is going to take lots more practice, so to curtail a day of frustrating shots I changed the pace a bit and headed to a nearby park.


Schmitz Park is less a manicured plot with curated views and more a mini hiking trail offering a break from the city, a pattern I’m starting to really like about Seattle.  It had just rained so the diffuse lighting and added details from the moisture meant shooting conditions were as good as they’re going to get.


After the shoot, it suddenly struck me how much I really hate hiking with others when I have my camera with me.  Finding the right composition takes experimentation and time, and I don’t mind putting in the time to make that discovery.  The people I hike with, on the other hand, tend to get impatient when I start poking around with angles and fiddling with settings; on the flip side, I’ll tend to get anxious that I’m taking too long with a shot and so just rush through the image to catch up with the group.

And when I’m hiking without a camera, exploration takes a back seat as I try to turn the thing into a workout2.  Forever alone!

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1 I really don’t have a list—but probably should!

2 Grousse Mountain, I’m looking at you!