Out of the Comfort Zone


Lately I’ve been helping out on a friend’s small film, which has effectively become an opportunity to develop my photo skills as I take behind-the-scenes images to document the shoot (so to speak).

The format–action portrait shots–combines the two types of photography I am terrible at, to say the least. The former has always been tough because I have to be on my toes with my camera settings and focus points, let alone sensibly compose the shot. As for the latter I tend to shy away from really seeking the subject in fear of spooking them and thus missing out on an authentic pose. And yet I push on, relying primarily on quantity to eventually become comfortable with the entire process. This in turn has affected my Lightroom workflow, which lately comprises this sequence:

  • import images
  • group together similar images into stacks
  • narrow stacks to only the most interesting sequences/compositions
  • flag the best image(s) from each stack, no more than 2-3
  • filter only flagged images
  • second pass culling of subpar images from the flagged set
  • process what’s left
  • tag and publish

It’s getting better, but still a bear when working against 500+ images from a single session of shooting.