West Seattle, Schmitz Park


Next neighborhood on the list1 is West Seattle, a place I wouldn’t mind calling home thanks to its numerous watering holes and Alki Beach.  Shooting fixed is slowly making sense: I’m beginning to visualize what 35 “looks like” and am surprised at how close I’m getting when I confirm via the viewfinder.   Still, that’s only one part of the equation and shooting street is going to take lots more practice, so to curtail a day of frustrating shots I changed the pace a bit and headed to a nearby park. Continue reading “West Seattle, Schmitz Park”

A Promise Kept

Almost ten years ago I vowed that the next big camera I would get myself would be a full-frame DSLR.  After a lot of research (and vigorous protesting by my my wallet!) I finally made the jump, committing to the 5D MkIII as my weapon of choice.  The plan is to go prime1, based on my (wonderful) experience shooting with micro 4/3 and fast manual glass these past couple years.

I’ve been diving into some literature, the flickr acccount’s been re-opened for business; and I think I’ll use this space to document my progress just like the bad old days.

I figured the time to transition from beginner photographer to nascent artist is long overdue; might as well do it while I still have all this free time!


1 in true Napoleonic fashion, I’m going for the holy trinity of primes: the 35 f/1.4L, 85 f/1.2L, and the 135 f/2L.  We’ll see how long this hubris lasts..!


This past week saw a return to sunny Los Angeles for SIGGRAPH in an effort to learn, socialize, and check out some awesome art and tech.  With so much to digest and a slow recovery from sleep deprivation (and possibly alcohol poisoning), I’m going to limit myself by posting my two favorites from the show.

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OSX Mountain Lion + PySide

Apple’s just released their new OS, which means my mise en place will likely be broken after the update.  Time to roll up those sleeves and bring order back into the laptop.

This time around, I’m going to make the leap and rely entirely on MacPorts, the OpenSource package manager similar to apt-get from Linuxland.  Instead of navigating the rough waters of dependency hell and transposing build targets from Linux solo, I’ll just let port do all the dirty work for me, like in my Gentoo days.  Furthermore, staying up to date with my tools should only be a matter of running `sudo port update outdated` once in a while.

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