This past week saw a return to sunny Los Angeles for SIGGRAPH in an effort to learn, socialize, and check out some awesome art and tech.  With so much to digest and a slow recovery from sleep deprivation (and possibly alcohol poisoning), I’m going to limit myself by posting my two favorites from the show.

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OSX Mountain Lion + PySide

Apple’s just released their new OS, which means my mise en place will likely be broken after the update.  Time to roll up those sleeves and bring order back into the laptop.

This time around, I’m going to make the leap and rely entirely on MacPorts, the OpenSource package manager similar to apt-get from Linuxland.  Instead of navigating the rough waters of dependency hell and transposing build targets from Linux solo, I’ll just let port do all the dirty work for me, like in my Gentoo days.  Furthermore, staying up to date with my tools should only be a matter of running `sudo port update outdated` once in a while.

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Diablo 3

It’s hard to put a finger on my overall verdict with this one. I’ve devoted enough time (read: a lot) to create two level 60 characters, yet all it only took was a few minutes into a new mode to make me question if, all along, I had been completely wasting my time. Continue reading “Diablo 3”

Plussing SVN with post-commit hooks

One of the best perks of having a well-maintained version control system at work is that system’s integration to the main email server as updates are made to the source tree.  Sure this can be borderline-spam especially on projects you’re not particularly involved in, but it beats making unnecessary phone calls to ask fellow developers what files they modified, let alone memorizing the special incantations to look up and sift through those change logs.  Better yet, logs mirrored to the mailserver are readily searchable at little to no cost (to both the hadware and user); feed those logs to your gmail account and you’ll be able to can search, tag, star, and organize those commit emails like a rock star.

Let’s try to be one of those rock stars…!

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