West Seattle, Schmitz Park


Next neighborhood on the list1 is West Seattle, a place I wouldn’t mind calling home thanks to its numerous watering holes and Alki Beach.  Shooting fixed is slowly making sense: I’m beginning to visualize what 35 “looks like” and am surprised at how close I’m getting when I confirm via the viewfinder.   Still, that’s only one part of the equation and shooting street is going to take lots more practice, so to curtail a day of frustrating shots I changed the pace a bit and headed to a nearby park. Continue reading “West Seattle, Schmitz Park”

A Promise Kept

Almost ten years ago I vowed that the next big camera I would get myself would be a full-frame DSLR.  After a lot of research (and vigorous protesting by my my wallet!) I finally made the jump, committing to the 5D MkIII as my weapon of choice.  The plan is to go prime1, based on my (wonderful) experience shooting with micro 4/3 and fast manual glass these past couple years.

I’ve been diving into some literature, the flickr acccount’s been re-opened for business; and I think I’ll use this space to document my progress just like the bad old days.

I figured the time to transition from beginner photographer to nascent artist is long overdue; might as well do it while I still have all this free time!


1 in true Napoleonic fashion, I’m going for the holy trinity of primes: the 35 f/1.4L, 85 f/1.2L, and the 135 f/2L.  We’ll see how long this hubris lasts..!